May 29, 2010


Last week, I and my sis planned to gave my mom, my dad and my brother gifts for their birthday (actually its late to give present for their birthday, all of this because of my sis). With YM and SMS, we planned everything. Everything is going smoothly until Thursday (one day before the present arrive). Why? First, my sis sent SMS to wrong number that is my mom. This is the SMS “angah, angah plak bayar tuk jam anam. Along dah nak pokai ni”. Then my mom called and asked why I must pay her. OH MY GOD, how I want to answer it?? So I lied that I don’t know anything (I know she don’t believe because she check my SMS that evening). Second, I forgot that Friday is public holiday, that’s mean my brother’s present can’t arrive on that day. OH NO, ONE MORE PROBLEM, what must I do now?? So, I decide to keep quiet and pretend that is no gift for him (I think his present will arrive on Monday so I need to ask my mom to wait for my brother’s present)

cupcakes for my dad

flowers for my mom

my parent’s present

After received their present, my mom always asked “how much it is” and “where we buy” so I said my sis do everything and I just paid for it (it’s the easy answer that I can think at the time). Oh one more thing, my brother’s present is watch. I will upload the picture later (if I remember).